Tech Teens Compete to Build the Best Website

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The kids are home with nothing to do? Why not take them to Federal Hill to witness the web development competition taking place today from 10am to 5pm at the Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center on Light Street by Cross Street Market?

Teams of up to three  youths compete to build and design a website for Baltimore Corps., a local organization chaired by writer and celebrity do-gooder Wes Moore, that will launch later this year.

The event is open to the public for informal tours and observation.

“I am incredibly proud to think that youth right here in Baltimore City will be employed in creating the website for the Baltimore Corps. The work of the Digital Harbor Foundation is focused on creating real high-quality employment opportunities for youth right now and is a model for what innovation in technology education should look like nationally,” said Moore.

The competition will last seven hours (!) and teams will be judged based on their ability to create a functional and creative splash page that has the ability to gather contact information from site visitors. Winners will receive cash prizes and be paid to complete the build and design of the organization’s website. The competition’s goal includes highlighting youth talent in employable skills as well as enhancing their “soft skills” (such as communication, creativity, presentation, determination, and resiliency).

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