Techies Prepare for the Second Baltimore Hackathon

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a scene from 2010's Hackathon

On June 8, the technologically-minded will converge on Baltimore for the Second Baltimore Hackathon, in which participants have 48 hours to take a hardware or software project from idea to prototype. Prizes will be awarded in the following categories: technical complexity, smart design, civic service, aesthetics, crowd favorite, and hacker/DIY.

The last Hackathon (which took place in November 2010 — which I guess makes this a sesquiennial event?) produced such compelling projects as the  Automated Beverage Lifter, which used a robotic arm on a weelchair to carry a drink with a straw and bring it to the user’s face on demand; RotoFoto, which used a table to spin a camera 360 degrees around an object while it took pictures, which were then stitched together by software to make a 3D rendering of the object; and my favorite, Nickel for Size, which determined the user’s ring size (and then 3D printed an actual ring) from an image of the user’s hand with a nickel on it.

In 2010, close to 70 people participated in the event. Organizers are ready for 100 this time around. To learn more about the Baltimore Hackathon, or to sign up to participate, visit their website.

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