Ten Baltimore Foods You Can’t Get Anywhere Else

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foods you can get only in baltimore

Saveur, that glossy monthly magazine for aspirational foodies, has finally started paying attention to Baltimore. “If you haven’t been [to Baltimore] in a while, you’re in for a tasty surprise,” Melissa Klurman writes. Here’s her list of six foods you can get only in Baltimore, plus a few additions of our own:

Saveur‘s picks:
1. Happy Spoon at Pabu. “Nestled into ceramic spoon is a single Chesapeake oyster, a pinky of uni, a small puddle of ponzu crème fraiche, and a crown of salmon roe and tobiko. It’s one salty, creamy, very happy, briny mouthful.”

2. Tell Tale Dark Iced Coffee at Zeke’s. “Brewed Guinness dark, chilled, and then napped with house-made simple syrup and South Mountain Creamery’s lush half-and-half, sipping it was like wearing an air-conditioned cloak on my steamy shopping expedition.”

3. Maryland Blue Crab Deviled Eggs. “At Wit & Wisdom they’ve found a new way to indulge in blue shells: Creamy deviled eggs, seasoned with peppery Old Bay, and stuffed plump with jumbo lumps of sweet crab meat. I dare you to eat just one.”

4. Mojito Sorbet at Pitagno Gelato. “With its thrashings of fresh mint, bracing lime juice, and just a hint of sweetness it’s the perfect (alcohol-free) summer refresher in a cup.”

5. Compressed Cucumbers at Bluegrass Tavern. “For a salad that’s anything but simple, [executive chef Ray] Humm creates “compressed” cucumbers with a vacuum sealer that simultaneously infuses the fruit with mirin, then serves them with gem lettuce and a spicy peanut emulsion.”

6. Berger Cookies. “Less a cookie and more a mound of fudgy chocolate piled atop a cakey wafer, no visit to Charm City is complete without a Berger.”

And our additions:
7. “That pumpkin thing” at Helmand. It’s actually called “kaddo bowrani,” if you’re being correct; it’s the best sweet, slow-cooked, yogurt-drizzled orange mush I’ve ever had, and it has a national reputation.
8. Beet ice cream from Dominion Ice Cream. It’s not dessert, it’s healthy. Right?
9. Pit beef. I don’t eat meat, but whenever I drive by a pit beef stand and the aroma of slow-cooked beef floats through my windows, I start to doubt myself.
10. Chicken box. Need I say more?

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