Terps Fire Coach Randy Edsall

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Maryland football teams have not been having the greatest fall, to put it lightly. And now, after the University of Maryland Terps lost their third straight game, the team’s coach Randy Edsall has been fired.

“This was a difficult decision,” Maryland’s athletic director¬†Kevin Anderson said in a statement. “But ultimately this was the best course of action for our football program moving forward.”

According to ESPN, Edsall’s axing comes as no surprise. Over the past year or so, Maryland has been making a bid to become a next-level football power. They joined the Big 10 and invested $155 million in a new, state-of-the-art football facility. Donors and alumni wanted a coach who could perform at that level, and the university seems to have decided that Edsall was not their man, despite his impressive credentials.

ESPN argues that Maryland is a basketball school that thought it could be a football powerhouse… and is finding out that that’s not as easy as it sounds. That may or may not be the case–but whomever takes over for Edsall (and there’s plenty of speculation for who that may be) will find himself in a tough spot.


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