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Vikings’ Stefon Diggs, Other Former Terps Shine During NFL’s Divisional Round

Photo via PressBox

By Luke Jackson

The biggest catch of former University of Maryland wide receiver Stefon Diggs’ career was also perhaps the best moment in Minnesota Vikings history. Diggs sent the Vikings to the NFC championship game with a 61-yard catch-and-run as time expired against the New Orleans Saints Jan. 14.

University of Maryland Picks Next Head Coach



In October, the University of Maryland fired head football coach Randy Edsall after a series of lackluster performances. Immediately, the Terps universe was full of speculation about who would get the next crack at the top job. Now, they’ve finally made their decision.

Terps Fire Coach Randy Edsall



Maryland football teams have not been having the greatest fall, to put it lightly. And now, after the University of Maryland Terps lost their third straight game, the team’s coach Randy Edsall has been fired.

Are the Terps Cursed?

These tickets are cursed! Via @mdsccr1516
These tickets are cursed! Via @mdsccr1516

If you bought season tickets to the University of Maryland’s football games, you got a nice set of commemorative tickets. They listed highlights from the team’s “Proud Past [and] Fearless Future,” including its two undefeated seasons, 24 bowl appearances, 142 All-Americans, and 203 NFL draft picks. And they also included pictures of Terps both past and future.

The current players featured on the tickets were Stefon Diggs, Dexter McDougle, and C.J. Brown. Now, here’s where things start to get creepy:

University of Md. Sued by National Association of the Deaf



The University of Maryland discriminates against deaf fans by not providing captioning on scoreboards at sports events at Byrd Stadium and Comcast Center, or so claims a lawsuit filed in federal court by the National Association of the Deaf.

The suit being filed on behalf of two Terps fans, Sean Markel and Dr. Joseph Innes, who demand captioning “for referee calls, play-by play commentary, song lyrics, safety and emergency information, half-time entertainment, post-game conferences, or any other aural information projected into the stadium bowls or concourse areas before, during, or after games.”

Maryland Terps Score Free iPads



Athletes at the University of Maryland aren’t just lacing up new sneakers and insignia-branded sweatpants this term. All 500 intercollegiate athletes at the state school can now count, among standard issue equipment, an awesome, brand-spanking-new iPad, the replacement value of which is $600 per item. Wait, so what is the point?

Don’t Mind the Haters, Terps – Your New Look is Great


Today’s biggest fake scandal:  The University of Maryland Terps got new uniforms, and everyone who’s anyone thinks they’re a big fashion faux pas. Or something like that. Last I checked, no one actually was that upset — but the Baltimore Sun insists that the blogosphere was simply erupting with indignation over the University of Maryland’s new football uniforms. Which actually look pretty cute.

“For most of the game, on Facebook, on Twitter, on people’s blogs, folks went on and on and on about the uniforms and their instantaneous, visceral disgust for them,” the Sun frets. The uniforms in question incorporate the black and yellow checkerboard and the red and white cross of the Maryland state flag.

However:  No less a source than the State Flag Power Rankings blog (actually a real thing) finds the flag insidiously compelling (“more and more boss the more I think about it”); and here, another ranking awards it the top spot. In conclusion:  the Maryland flag looks cool, and these uniforms also look cool. Don’t mind the haters, Terps. You guys look great.