Teachers hating parents, teachers cheating on standardized tests, teachers becoming (gasp!) Facebook friends with their students… maybe we here in the Fishbowl have been guilty of passing along gloomy news over the past few weeks. But here’s something that melted even our cynical little hearts:  a bunch of videos (and Facebook posts) from folks thanking teachers for having changed their lives.

The movement was started by the Huffington Post and it’s called the “You Made a Difference” Campaign. It’s nice to see so much gratitude directed toward educators. It really is important work (and I might as well use this tiny little pulpit here to give some shout outs of my own — thanks, Mrs. Baylor! Thanks, Mr. Peck! Thanks, Ms. Morse!), and too often we only appreciate teachers years after the fact.

Got any teachers you’d like to thank for changing your life — or just making the school day a bit better?