That Johns Hopkins “Cancer Update” Email is a Fake!

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A relative recently forwarded an email that purported to be from “John Hopkins Hospital, US” with lots of seemingly-scientific advice about preventing cancer through diet and environment. But — as you may have already guessed from that missing S in JohnS Hopkins’ name — the email is part scam, part urban legend.

“Johns Hopkins did not publish the information, which often is an email attachment, nor do we endorse its contents,” the university said in a press release. “Emails offering easy remedies for avoiding and curing cancer are the latest Web-influenced trend. To gain credibility, the anonymous authors falsely attribute their work to respected research institutions like Johns Hopkins.” (You can almost hear their exasperation.) According to rumor-busting website, there’s a similar email “from” Johns Hopkins about the dangers of using plastic containers in microwaves — Hopkins denies any connection with that one, too, obviously.

The email has been circulating since 2007, but it seems to have bubbled up again in recent weeks, so warn your susceptible friends and relatives.

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