The $100k Actuary or What People Earn in Maryland

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Courtesy of Citybizlist – If you have salary envy, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has a tool for you.

The agency provides an online query of the annual and hourly wages of a slew of occupations in Maryland based on May 2011 data.

The curious-minded can also spy on what your peers in other states earn while taking a gander at national numbers.

Take the occupation of a Lawyer for example. Did you know that …

– the annual mean wage of a lawyer in Maryland is $120,610?
– there are an estimated 10,980 attorneys in the state, excluding the self-employed
– their hourly mean wage is $57.99
– nationally, a lawyer earns $130,490 annually and $62.74 hourly
– compared to other states, Maryland ranks 18th in annual salary for lawyers (scroll down for a comparison of states)

Here’s some more gratuitous, semi-randomly selected annual mean salary information for occupations in Maryland:

Chief Executives: $186,740
Marketing Managers: $116,810
Architects: $81,030
Actuaries: $98,720
Editors: $59,150
Chefs and Head Cooks: $42,580

Want to see how much a Compliance Officer earns? Tax Preparer? Nuclear Engineer?

Are you suspicious that your counterpart is earning more than you?

Or you feel compelled to spend a Friday afternoon conducting “research” …

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