The Baltimore Accent Gives ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian the Giggles

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Around here, we know the Baltimore accent gives a certain cred to those who speak it. ESPN host Scott Van Pelt is proving that the infamous fronted “oh” can be used to paralyze the person hearing the accent with laughter.

On his recently jettisoned radio show, Scott Van Pelt had a bit with fellow Marylander Tim Kurkjian where he would say a name with Baltimore “oh.” As you can hear in this Deadspin supercut, Kurkjian would be wheezing and giggling like a little girl.

Van Pelt showed everyone what the bit looked like in his new midnight SportsCenter show on Monday following Monday Night Football. He highlighted “Kiko Alonso,” and Kurkjian goes to helium voice before SVP even gets to the punch line.

via For the Win:

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