The Baltimore Sun’s Parent Company Now Has the Worst Name Ever

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Bye bye, Tribune Publishing; hello, tronc Inc.

The Baltimore Sun‘s venerable parent company’s rebranding effort has caught on, in a way. Tronc — (you know, as in “Tribune Online Content”) has inspired a flash mob of mocking memes on social media.

In a way, it has everything. It’s infantile, vaguely onomatopoeic, pseudo-futuristic, lowercase — what’s not to hate? It’s like glossolalia for marketing speak.

It’s just the name for “a content curation and monetization company focused on creating and distributing premium, verified content across all channels.”

While the company couldn’t be more excited to start pooling its “leading media brands and leverag[ing] innovative technology to deliver personalized and interactive experiences to its 60 million monthly users,” you’ll have to wait until June 20 for the name change to take effect.

Are you too freaked out? Should I let you know about troncX now?

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