The Best Thing About These Cold Temperatures

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Feeling chilly? You’ll be glad of it later this year, I promise. That’s because this year’s ridiculous weather isn’t just affecting humans; it’s also having a devastating impact on… stinkbugs.

According to National Geographic, the brown marmorated stinkbug is “dying off in large numbers due to the cold.” A Virginia Tech experiment found that polar vortex temperatures killed off 95 percent of the stinkbug population; in a normal winter, they’d expect only about 20-25 percent to die off. That should be good news to people like Doug Inkley, who found 50,000+ stinkbugs in his Maryland home two years ago.

If you’re starting to feel a little grudging sympathy for the little guys, don’t worry — they’ll be back soon enough. “This natural selection has been going on for centuries. The bug is established in its current range based on these types of climate restrictions,” says Virginia Tech entomologist Thomas Kuhar. “So, in a sense, really cold temperatures in borderline climate zones probably help maintain the distributions of species.”

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