U.S. Rep. Anthony G. Brown is running for Attorney General of Maryland.

Baltimore Fishbowl is asking candidates running in this year’s election to share their views on the three most important challenges facing Baltimore and the region, and solutions they support to make progress. We asked candidates to submit a video answering that question, so you can hear their ideas and goals in their own words.

U.S. Rep. Anthony G. Brown, a Democrat representing Maryland’s 4th District, is running for Attorney General, and named crime, cost of living and environmental justice as the three most critical issues he would address as attorney general. (Incumbent Brian E. Frosh has announced his retirement and is not running for re-election).

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I’m Anthony Brown and I’m running to be your next attorney general because I believe Marylanders deserve an attorney general who will be their advocate for change, with a record of progress on tough issues.

Today, too many barriers exist for many Marylanders, from health care and housing to the environment and education, in the workplace, policing and in the criminal justice system. I’m running to dismantle those barriers to make government work again, and to fight for the changes that will protect every person and empower every community.

I’ll be the People’s Lawyer, investigating problems, advocating for legislative change, and setting enforcement priorities that serve the people. I’ll fight for justice and equity, whether addressing crime and public safety, the climate crisis and environmental justice or attacks on women’s reproductive freedom. I’ll fight to protect consumers, veterans and seniors, as well as voting rights, workers’ rights and the rights of the LGBTQIA plus communities; and hold public officials accountable, including law enforcement.

There’s no single most pressing issue facing the state of Maryland because as the fourth most-diverse state in the nation, the challenges and issues facing our families, communities and small businesses are as numerous as we are diverse.


However, the Attorney General must commit to addressing crime in Baltimore, and throughout Maryland. As Attorney General, I’ll partner with the state’s attorney, mayor and law enforcement and dedicate the necessary criminal investigation and prosecution resources to implement a local crime fighting strategy focusing first on our most violent crimes and offenders, as well as gun trafficking.

I’ll also enlist the support of the U.S. Attorney and federal law enforcement. Just as important, I’ll advocate for policies that will reduce the prevalence of guns, like banning ghost guns and banning all — not some but all — semi-automatic rifles on our streets. I’ll be a juvenile justice reform advocate so that children are steered toward productive lives and not hardened criminals. And as your attorney general, I’ll enforce police accountability, including investigating police departments where there are signs of persistent misconduct. Police accountability improves public confidence, which improves policing.

Cost of Living

Second, as I listen to voters in Baltimore, a common concern is the rising cost of living and how the Attorney General can help keep the cost of living down. As Attorney General, I’ll fight to protect Marylanders’ hard-earned money. I’ll use the authorities of the office to lower health-insurance premiums; hold corporations accountable and prevent price fixing; stop price gouging at the gas pumps and online sales; protect students and homebuyers from predatory lenders; prosecute those who prey on seniors’ retirement income and savings; help keep renters in their homes and protect workers who employers try to deprive of their hard-earned wages.

Environmental Justice

Finally, Baltimore needs an attorney general who will ensure environmental justice in every community, particularly those that are underserved and overburdened. We must focus on repairing the harms done by environmental hazards, such as air pollution, lead exposure, and improper waste disposal that impacts tens of thousands of Baltimore residents every day. As your next attorney general, I’ll work for you.

Biographical Information

Name: Anthony G. Brown

Age: 60

Education: undergraduate degree from Harvard College; graduate of Harvard Law School.

Political party: Democrat

Professional background: A retired Colonel in the United States Army Reserve, Brown served as an aviator and JAG officer, during which time he graduated first in his flight class and received both Airborne and Air Assault qualifications. Rep. Brown was awarded the Legion of Merit for his distinguished military service. In 2004, he was deployed to Iraq, where he earned a Bronze Star and became one of the nation’s highest-ranking elected officials at that time to serve a tour of duty in that conflict.

Since then, Rep. Brown has spent three decades as an attorney and has served in the Maryland House of Delegates representing Prince George’s County from 1999 to 2007. In the General Assembly, he served as vice-chair of the House Judiciary Committee and, later as Majority Whip. He was Maryland Lieutenant Governor from 2007 to 2015, and was the Democratic nominee for Maryland governor in 2014. Rep. Brown is currently serving his third term in Congress, having been first elected in 2016.

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