The Daylight-Savings-Free Zone

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In honor of Daylight Savings Time, which begins on Sunday, March 10th, UB grad student Oakley Julian adjusts her broken clock but keeps it wrong.

There are several months of the calendar year when the clock in my car is only 14 minutes “fast.”

During the other six months, a new passenger (or one who hasn’t ridden with me in a while) might give the dashboard a double or even triple glance, realizing there is some sort of mathematical equation involved to see if we’re running late. Or early. Or right on schedule.

My car is a Daylight Savings Time-Free Zone. Like Hawaii. And Arizona (except for the Navajo Nation.) And Russia. And almost all of Asia and Africa.

Once I actually figure out how to change the clock in my car, I can sporadically observe European Summer Time like Turkey, Iran, Norway and Portugal.

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