Olga Etkina and Andrea Witkowski

When you’re young, it doesn’t take much more than a simple skirt or dress, casual hair and a pair of flip flops to look photo ready. These two friends on their way to a night out in Canton, exude simple style, youthful confidence and fun.  They make us want to horn in on their Girls Night Out.

The puppy might ward off some would-be suitors.  Maybe that’s the idea?

You both look so colorful tonight. What made you dress up?

We are celebrating because we are both moving.

Where are you moving?

Olga – I am moving to New York to go to school.

Andrea- I am moving to Patterson Park.

Olga, what is your personal style? Do you have any fashion icons?

Usually, I like traditional classic clothing. I like the way Scarlett Johansson dresses, she always look put together.

How about you Andrea?

I am more bohemian with a touch of rocker. I like Free People and Urban Outfitters. 

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