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All too often, it’s easy to dismiss contemporary music as mind-numbing pop.  I cling to Haydn so that I can forget that “Friday” actually happened.  The Dan Deacon’s of today give me hope for the evolution of music, but how easily we forget that there are modern-day Mozarts among us.  

Tonight at An Die Musik in Mount Vernon, come hear the unbridled talent of György Kurtá.  Heralded by The New Yorker as, “One of the most original musical thinkers of the new century,” Kurtá has amazed critics across the globe.  Come hear the pieces produced by this talented composer, and renew your faith in music.

Tuesday February 5, 2013

An Die Musik
409 N. Charles St.
Baltimore, MD

For a solid dose of talent and culture.

General Admission is $15, Students $10.  Purchase tickets in advance here.