Just how fancy were you planning to get this summer? Evian-spritz fancy? Presidential-suite fancy? Four Seasons fancy? Because according to the Baltimore Business Journal, you can buy your way into the fanciest pool scene in Baltimore — the fourth floor pool deck at the Four Seasons Harbor East, natch — for a mere $3,150 seasonal membership.

The seasonal membership deal, which gets you a three-month membership lasting from mid-May to mid-September, gains you access to the hotel’s pool, spa, and fitness center. It also averages out to about $35 per day. Perhaps the “complimentary sunscreen, sunglass cleaning, Evian spritzes and frozen treats” that also come with your seasonal membership make that worthwhile to you? (Personally, I prefer to clean my own sunglasses, thank you very much.) Oh, and if you want to bring your family along, it’s going to get even pricier — couples memberships are $4,950, while children’s memberships range from $1,000 to $1,500, depending on age.

Perhaps a better deal (though “deal” seems like the wrong word to use in this context) is the Four Seasons’ annual memberships, which cost $3,500 for individuals ($5,500 for couples), plus a $1,000 enrollment fee. Annual members get free laundry, occasional free spa treatments, restaurant discounts, and a complimentary one-night stay in the presidential suite (pictured above) — which runs to $7,750 per night. It almost seems worth it — okay, not really. Is anyone else tempted?