The First ‘American Ninja Warrior’ is an Orioles Camerman

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AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR -- "Pittsburgh" -- Pictured: Geoff Britten -- (Photo by: Justin Merriman/NBC)
Geoff Britten

Geoff Britten (and his giant arms) wowed a lot of TV viewers (okay, well, us at least) on American Ninja Warrior this week as he smoked all of the obstacles that Vegas put down in front of him. By day, he’s a cameraman for the Orioles.

Britten, who lives in Olney and is a freelance cameraman for MASN, became only the second American to reach the end of the show’s Stage 3 course. He said his arms were dead after that, but proceeded to climb a rope up a 75-ft. tower in just under 30 seconds, Britten became the first American to complete the show’s obstacles.

Trouble is, the second was a little faster.

Britten celebrated the fact that he was the first “American Ninja Warrior.” Feeling jacked up as any ninja should, he even shouted it to the host. Then, his competitor Isaac Caldiero scaled the rope a few seconds faster than Britten, meaning Britten lost out on the prize money that goes with a TV win. There was no money for second.

Caldiero won $1 million, but he’ll never be able to say he was first.



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