The First Pro-O’Malley TV Ad Fires Shots at Clinton, Bush, Wall Street

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On June 2, we learned that Wall Street types are angry with Martin O’Malley. Fox Business Network correspondent called the Democratic presidential hopeful “public enemy number one in in the halls of Goldman Sachs, in the halls of Black Rock, the big money management firm — all throughout Wall Street right now.”

The pro-O’Malley super PAC liked the way that sounded, so it ran with it. In the first O’Malley-for-president TV ad, titled “Wall Street’s Public Enemy No. 1,” we get to hear, yet again, statements from O’Malley’s candidacy announcement that supposedly inspired that outrage:

“The CEO of Goldman Sachs let his employees know that he’d be just fine with either [Jeb] Bush or [Hillary] Clinton. I bet he would! Well I’ve got news for the bullies of Wall Street. The presidency is not a crown to be passed back and forth, by you, between two royal families.”

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