Kevin J. Costa, Ph.D., Director of Innovation & Learning
McDonogh School

For 25 years, Kevin J. Costa has been a successful teacher and administrator in education, currently serving as the director of innovation and learning at McDonogh School where he oversees strategic planning, faculty professional development, and institutional innovation.

What drew you to education?
As the son of working-class parents who didn’t finish high school, education has opened every door for me. I believe in its value not only for the opportunities it creates, but also because the process of learning is joyful. Learning makes you a more complete person. I like being part of a profession that can help people love learning and use what they learn to do the greatest possible amount of good.

What do you like about your current school?
McDonogh School believes that education should be transformational. The school celebrates all students and helps them to discover and develop their unique abilities. I have reinvented myself and my career many times. McDonogh encourages everyone to continually learn and discover their purpose.

What do you hope to achieve in your role?
As one of the core designers of LifeReady, McDonogh’s academic strategic plan, I have led the school in implementing this plan that helps prepare students for the future by teaching them to communicate well, ask questions and solve problems individually and collaboratively, and adapt, lead and think for communities global and local. I hope that, over the course of my career, I’m able to work with my talented, dedicated colleagues to enhance LifeReady and further enrich the lives of McDonogh students. To me, this would constitute a life of real purpose and meaning.