The Insider: A Look Inside Pearson’s Florist

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I’ve walked by the florist on the corner of Charles and North Avenue more times than I can count, but never taken the time to duck inside. But now that I’m moved into the city, I decided that I should go down, check it out, and see if I could find some greenery to spruce up my new place.

When I got there, Van, the owner of the place, was in the middle of moving the store around. He apologized that things didn’t look more put together, explaining how transferring from graduation season to summer is always hectic.

Through all the plastic-wrapped teddy bears and stacks of “Good Job, Grad!” letters, the place still retains a touch of charm, like its owners have been on that corner a while and intend to stay. A fish tank peeks behind a curtain, and the windowsills looking over Charles Street are lush with potted ferns and hydrangea.

Vince points to ivy plants on the floor. “See, these have gotten a little brown so they’d only be three or four dollars, but all they need is a little sunlight and care, they’ll start growing beautifully.” He tickles a little stalk under what would be its chin if it were a cat or dog.

"The Pearson Parrot"

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