The Johns Hopkins Class of 2019 Is Smarter Than You

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It’s almost the first day of school, which means the incoming freshman at Johns Hopkins are probably out buying dry erase boards and twin extra-long sheets for their dorm rooms. This was another record-setting admissions year for Hopkins, which has made developing its undergraduate program a cornerstone of its strategy in recent years. Nearly 25,000 people applied, 3,065 were admitted, and 1,310 will be enrolling this fall. They’re an impressive bunch:

  • Their mean high school GPA was 3.90
  • Their average SAT scores were 1420-1530
  • Ninety-two percent were in the top ten percent of their graduating class

They’re also already wildly accomplished — one incoming freshman patented a heart valve device; another raised $250,000 to build wells in Niger; another co-authored a middle school science textbook. Remember: these are teenagers.

It’s an impressive group — we’re glad to have them in Baltimore!

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