Two-year-olds are amazing.

The learning that happens through play, dialogue, sensory discovery, and interactions with others is astounding.

Sit for a moment to observe, and you’ll find them touching, climbing, experimenting, running, jumping, interacting, singing, dancing, hugging, and taking in new information every minute of the day.

Walking down the hallways of Grace Preschool, you may find students participating in an imaginative yoga class, getting their hands messy in a sandy sensory experience, or reading quietly with one of their teachers in a cozy book corner. Go a little farther and you’ll see them singing and dancing with instruments in music class, practicing fine motor skills with crayons and pincer tools, creating crafts, and making gifts for loved ones. Outside, children are running, climbing, sliding and swinging with friends on the playground, riding around in our enclosed courtyard or taking a stroll in our class-sized buggies.  

Our Twos curriculum takes a developmental approach that sees our youngest children as intrinsic and inquisitive students, learning through hands-on experiences in a loving, child-centered and developmentally appropriate environment. Our teachers are highly skilled individuals who not only love and care for their students, but also value the connections with their school families.

Family participation is highly encouraged, and you will commonly find parents/guardians surprising a teacher with a decorated door, joining the class in holiday-themed scavenger hunts, participating in class parties, celebrating students on their special birthdays, or meeting friends on the playground for a weekend playdate. We work closely with families to create a team approach for the care of our learners with our online app, Procare, as well as through daily communication and periodic conferences.

Above all else at Grace, we love our students. Social-emotional learning is at the heart of what we provide, even to our smallest learners. Everyone in our school is involved in the development and well-being of our students, and we truly believe in the “It takes a village…” mentality.

Join us today to see what makes Grace Preschool magical. We’d love to have you.

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