The Montessori School Has a New Name

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Montessori students doing Montessori-type work.In August, the Montessori School and Emerson Farm Middle School joined forces and changed their names to become one school named Greenspring Montessori School.

Community members decided to change the name because they want the school to better identify with its Lutherville neighborhood, at the intersection of Falls and Greenspring Roads, across from Green Spring Station. The change also unites the school’s programs, which serve students 18 months old through grade 8.

Montessori students doing Montessori-type work.The new name underlines the principles of the Montessori education philosophy, says veteran Assistant Head of School Shari Wolf. “We wanted to highlight the vibrant atmosphere of growth and purpose we see in each of our students – and we’re lucky that a name that so perfectly embodies the school also better connects us to our community!”

Head of School, Tamara Sheesley Balis added, “Greenspring Montessori School is a new name for a dynamic and strong school community that stands on the shoulders of every volunteer, teacher and student who has come before us.  This is a celebration of who we are now, with great respect for all that came before us.”


Under Ms. Balis’s leadership, the school has made major upgrades to the school’s historic buildings and grounds, implemented a new dual-language Preschool Program (which will transition into a Spanish Immersion Program in fall 2014), renewed its commitment to faculty development, increased campus security, and more. The innovations allow the school to better leverage its greatest strengths:  its close-knit community and committed faculty and staff.

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For the past 52 years, Greenspring Montessori School’s students have enjoyed the benefits of learning in a way that builds innovation, deep understanding of mathematics and language, self-motivation, conflict resolution, concentration, and retaining joy in new discoveries throughout life. The Montessori method of education has helped alumni succeed as they move on to top area high schools and later on in their careers.


The Greenspring Montessori School is proud to use a method that has nurtured some of the most influential minds of the last century. Many of the founders of the world’s most innovative companies started with a Montessori education, including Larry Page and Sergey Brin of Google, Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, and Jeff Bezos of  Many others who have shaped the modern world also attended Montessori Schools, including authors like Anne Frank and Gabriel García Márquez, computer programmers like Will Wright (creator of The Sims), media giants like Katherine Graham of The Washington Post, musicians like Beyoncé and Yo Yo Ma, and tens of thousands of other successful Montessori alumni around the world.
The name change to Greenspring Montessori School is one step in the school’s plan to become a greater presence in the Baltimore community.


10807 Tony Drive
Lutherville-Timonium, MD 21093
(410) 321-8555

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