The Morning After: Baltimore Smolders After Violent Night

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Photo via the New York Times


Our associate editor Stephen Babcock has been tapped by the New York Times to assist with on the ground reporting about the unrest that erupted last night, and the on-going repercussions.  It means, however, that he cannot report for us for the next few days. We will share his stories as they are published.  Read his most recent front-page account below. – The Eds.

By Richard A. Oppel, Jr. and Stephen Babcock

From the New York Times – Engines raced across this city early Tuesday as the Fire Department strained to extinguish blazes, even as the police said some firefighters were reportedly having cinder blocks heaved at them as they responded to emergencies.

As Baltimore residents recoiled from the rioting and looting that struck largely in the west of the city on Monday, the police said officers were deployed overnight alongside weary and harried firefighters to ensure their work was not disrupted by people with “no regard for life.”

As dawn broke, the city was relatively calm compared with the violence that had left 15 officers injured — six seriously — from thrown bottles, rocks and bricks, as well as dozens of businesses, homes and cars damaged or destroyed by looting or arson. It is not known how many protesters were injured.

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