The Morning After: What Was Your Most Satisfying Thanksgiving Delicacy, Baltimore?

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We asked a few friends (and family) of the Baltimore Fishbowl to tell us what they cooked, creamed, cocktailed and gobbled during yesterday’s Thanksgiving meal. Below: a fun sampling. What did you prepare? What’s left over? What did you eat much too much of? Tell us below!

Ginger Juleps (pictured above)

“We made ginger juleps with Bulleit Bourbon, ginger syrup, fresh mint, bitter lemon soda and lime.” –”Bohemian Rhapsody” columnist Marion Winik

Marion also reported that she ordered an acclaimed Greenberg turkey and indulged in “Laurie Colwin jalapeno spinach and Jean Georges Vongerichten squash and apple andouille stuffing” (below). Gah, don’t rub it in.

Rutabagas (below)

“According to my Irish grandmother, it was not Thanksgiving without them.” –Jane Delury

Nap-Inducing Turkey, the Close-Up (below, from Lisa Gunn)

Broccoli Casserole

One of Tracy’s Gnadinger’s most beloved Turkey Day traditions (below).

Healthful Kale (below, from Marie Thrailkill, who also served ham)

Full Spread (below)

“My mother’s table…” Fave dish of the day: Corn pudding. –Dawn Gannon

Elegant Leftovers (below) on Baltimore Fishbowl contributor Elizabeth Frederick’s table are totally camera-ready. Her top taste experiences yesterday: “Stewed tomatoes, sauerkraut, sweet potato casserole!”

Vegging Out (below)

“In my primarily vegetarian household, we dined on a tofu/cauliflower/mushroom stir-fry on brown rice, with a generous side of fresh beets drizzled in sweet Vidalia dressing. Fantastic. And my husband cooked.” –Betsy Boyd, senior editor

In the mood for a sweet ‘n’ tart sensation, Chad Tyler reached for this tempting dish below. Can you I.D.?

Chad sent the recipe from his mom’s cookbook in case you’re inspired to pursue Cranberry Salad Supreme.

[And last but obviously not least, meet…]

One of the World’s Most Interestingly Shaped + Enormous Sweet Potatoes

“Well, hello, Mr. Potato.” –Eleanor Lewis


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