The Most Ridiculous Piece of Propaganda in Maryland

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Maybe you’ve seen this political postcard around town — I find myself wading through piles of it all the time. It’s paid for by “Maryland First NOW-Vote Yes on 7, Inc.,” a group that has focused most of its efforts selling expanded gambling to Maryland voters but apparently supports affirming all major veto referendums on the ballot this year. It includes the most outlandish double-speak I’ve seen anywhere this entire election cycle.

The slogan it associates with a “yes” vote on Question 5 (which would affirm our heavily gerrymandered Congressional districts), “Support fair election districts; Keep one person/one vote,” would better describe the argument of the opposition to the new Congressional map, with its districts that zig and zig to artificially dilute the Republican vote and break apart communities of interest.

The postcard audaciously recasts the issue as a choice between redrawing the districts at all (which of course must be done to reflect population changes tallied in the 2010 census) and leaving them the way they were.

Unfortunately, the ballot language corroborates this deception, appending “as required by the United States Constitution” to the end of the ballot question, implying that to vote “no” on Question 5 would be to vote for Maryland to violate the Constitution. But of course, voting down the new map would no more violate the Constitution than impeaching a president would leave us without one — they’ll draw a new map, guys.

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