Tired of all these summer salads and white wines? Ready for some heartier indulgences? Look no further than Fells Point this week.

On Thursday, Modern Cook Shop of Fells Point will with the Baltimore Whiskey Company of Remington for a special night of cocktail and charcuterie pairings, featuring spirits from the local distillery and house-made charcuterie from Modern Cook Shop’s own butcher, Lori Yanke.

Modern Cook Shop of Fells Point

Modern Cook Shop, located on the first floor of the Union Wharf Building in historic Fells Point, serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in a restaurant setting, while also offering a full bar and a gourmet packaged-food market in one place. The restaurant offers cooking classes, and special events like this one, along with a more traditional restaurant experience or rare outdoor dining with a view of the historic neighborhood.

Offerings from Baltimore Whiskey Company

Baltimore Whiskey Company, currently located on Sisson Street in Remington, is slated to move to the new Union Collective of Woodberry, when it opens in 2018. The two-year-old distillery is a relatively new addition to the growing craft alcohol in Baltimore, and while it currently offers small batch gin and brandy, the company website boasts a highly anticipated rye whiskey in the making. Due for bottling and retail in 2018, the rye Whiskey will be the “first produced in Baltimore in more than a half-century,” according to the company.

Co-founder Max Kennedy will be on hand at Thursday’s event to chat about the evolution of the Baltimore Whiskey Company, and to answer any and all questions regarding spirit-parenting.

“Meats, Cocktails and Gloriousness” takes place Thursday, Aug. 24, at Modern Cook Shop, 901 S. Wolfe Street, in Baltimore. Tickets are $35, available online.

Rachel Bone is a regular contributor to the Baltimore Fishbowl.