The Sun Magazine posted yesterday an amusing story about errors the paper has made over the years. Among them:

•When the Republican Party nominated Abraham Lincolnfor the presidency in 1860, The Sun headline identified him as “Abram Lincoln.”

•On Christmas Eve in 1873, the skeleton staff producing the paper locked the door to keep drunks from wandering onto the premises. When a servant of a local doctor arrived to deliver a message to the newsroom, he was turned away. Thus the next morning it was in the pages of the American rather than The Sun that Baltimore learned of the death of Johns Hopkins.

•In the editions of Monday, April 15, 1912, The Evening Sun, relying on early, erroneous reports, went to press with this headline on the front page: “ALL TITANIC PASSENGERS ARE SAFE TRANSFERRED IN LIFEBOATS AT SEA.”

Read “Sun Corrections: Fessiing Up”  online.