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Sinclair Broadcast Group Sues Baltimore’s Public School System Over Rejected Public Information Request

Fox45, the local Sinclair Broadcast Group affiliate. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

Local TV news conglomerate Sinclair Broadcast Group has filed a lawsuit against Baltimore City Public Schools over the school system’s denial of a public information request from one of Sinclair’s reporters.

The Baltimore Sun Loses Two of its Top Reporters


If you follow The Sun, you’ve undoubtedly read Justin George’s superb crime coverage and Erica Green’s in-depth, relentless education reporting. Sadly for the newspaper’s readers and fans of both journalists, each announced today that they are leaving Baltimore for high-profile reporting jobs down the Beltway.

Big Fish: Fox45’s Kai Jackson Talks About Being on TV and Journalism in Baltimore

Courtesy Kai Jackson

Even leading up to college, Kai Jackson never planned to be on TV. In fact, when he first enrolled at South Carolina State College, he was an engineering major, though he admits now that may not have been the best fit.

The Sun’s Unionized Staff Appeal to Public in Fight for Pay Raises



Unionized reporters, editors, photographers and others at the Baltimore Sun have launched an awareness campaign to help them secure an evasive 2.5 percent pay raise.

Morgan State Student Journalism Project Gets $100K Funding Boost

Courtesy Morgan State University
Courtesy Morgan State University

Budding journalists at Morgan State have been focusing on covering city affairs, particularly underserved communities around Baltimore, since last spring. With a boost in funding from the Knight Foundation, they can expand their work in the field.

This is the Last Week of The Baltimore Messenger



The 30-year-old weekly neighborhood newspaper will cease print publication this week.

It’s the end of the road for The Baltimore Messenger, a weekly publication of the Baltimore Sun Media Group that has covered north Baltimore neighborhoods and institutions for three decades.

U of M Cuts Back on Award-Winning Paper



The University of Maryland is known for having one of the country’s best student-produced newspapers. The Diamondback once published an edition every weekday, and boasted a daily circulation of 20,000. But that was then. The paper has already eliminated its Friday edition in 2013; it’s also seen its publication numbers shrink by two-thirds–and starting next fall, it will go from being published four times a week to a mere once a week.

WaPo Throws Support Behind University of Maryland College Newspaper


thediamondbackThe University of Maryland already has one of the best college newspapers in the country– but it’s about to get even better, thanks to a generous gift from the Washington Post.

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra’s Brilliant Plan to Save Classical Music and Journalism–At the Same Time!


Baltimore Symphony November 20, 2008

Journalism and classical music: two beloved, long-standing institutions that are having a hard time making it in today’s world. But put them together, and you get an ingenious plan that benefits both sides.

The Sun Magazine Highlights the Newspaper’s Errors Over the Years


The Sun Magazine posted yesterday an amusing story about errors the paper has made over the years. Among them:

•When the Republican Party nominated Abraham Lincolnfor the presidency in 1860, The Sun headline identified him as “Abram Lincoln.”

•On Christmas Eve in 1873, the skeleton staff producing the paper locked the door to keep drunks from wandering onto the premises. When a servant of a local doctor arrived to deliver a message to the newsroom, he was turned away. Thus the next morning it was in the pages of the American rather than The Sun that Baltimore learned of the death of Johns Hopkins.

•In the editions of Monday, April 15, 1912, The Evening Sun, relying on early, erroneous reports, went to press with this headline on the front page: “ALL TITANIC PASSENGERS ARE SAFE TRANSFERRED IN LIFEBOATS AT SEA.”

Read “Sun Corrections: Fessiing Up”  online.