U of M Cuts Back on Award-Winning Paper

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The University of Maryland is known for having one of the country’s best student-produced newspapers. The Diamondback once published an edition every weekday, and boasted a daily circulation of 20,000. But that was then. The paper has already eliminated its Friday edition in 2013; it’s also seen its publication numbers shrink by two-thirds–and starting next fall, it will go from being published four times a week to a mere once a week.

The culprit? Your iPhone. Or whatever you blame for the fact that “readers don’t want a hard copy of the news anymore,” as current Diamondback editor Laura Blasey put it. Time formerly spent producing a daily print paper will now be devoted to “new technology, creating interactive elements and focusing on our online content.” The Diamondback’s innovative partnership with the Washington Post will enable it to try out cutting-edge newsroom technologies.

Blasey told Jim Romanesko the only people who have had a negative reaction to the news of a new, digital-first Diamondback are “alumni in mourning.”

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