The View From Halcyon Farm: Stiles Colwill’s Barn Sale, Today and Sunday

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Originally published Friday, June 26 – For nearly two years, we’ve been plotting and planning our Barn Sale and now it’s finally here. While the temperatures aren’t going to be hellish, the rain is irritating, although not a big problem. The barn has been transformed, including several chandeliers hanging from the rafters!


When we started planning the Barn Sale for real, we bought some supplies, including more than 2,000 green dots for pricing! Well, I can tell you, we’ve gone through each and every one of them! Plus, we have added hundreds of hangtags to items!

tagged dishes

The range of what’s in the sale will boggle your mind! We have everything from books, glasses, china and cutlery starting at $1.00 all the way up to some stunning gilded Kirk-Stieff repousse silver, setting for 12.

gilt silver

There is artwork and furniture, and of course, everything is beautifully arranged by the deft hands of Stiles and Jonathan, two men of exquisite taste.

As much as we hate to do it, we have set some rules in place for the sale. We’re thinking that it will be crowded, regardless of the weather, so to keep order, we hope you will be good and obey our rules, the first of which is SMILE!

  1. All of the volunteers will be wearing blue T-shirts and khaki pants, including Stiles!
  2. It’s cash and charge only. We have those Squares, and the wifi at the barn isn’t great, so be patient when you check out.
  3. Everything is AS IS! No givebacks!
  4. We will love you forever (or at least for the weekend) if you bring your own bags and packing materials. Those Scout bags are perfect for this!
  5. We don’t have any bathrooms! It’s a barn. Think about it…
  6. We have people who can deliver your stuff – especially the huge items, but you have to make arrangements with them yourself.
  7. After noon on Sunday, most things will be marked down!

Be sure to say hi to us, and come on out and have fun. It’s going to be a sale for the books, but we need your help to make it a success!

See you on Saturday or Sunday… or both!

The View From Halcyon Farm is sponsored by Halcyon House Antiques at 11219 Greenspring Avenue in Lutherville. (Halcyon Farm is located next door.)  For more information about the Barn Sale visit The Barn Sale at Halcyon Farm on Facebook and see our June 14 story, here. See you there!

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