As a Certified Green School through the Maryland Green Schools Program, the Waldorf School of Baltimore integrates hands-on, inquiry-based instruction to empower students to take an active role in environmental stewardship. WSB’s wonderful teachers model this and provide a myriad of opportunities for students to play a productive role in environmental care.

For WSB’s littlest learners we see this mission evolve into internal ethics by incorporating care of the environment into the very rhythm of their days. One such star of this work has been class composting. 

Each day, students scrape the remains of their snack into the compost heap, along with leaves, paper and garden debris. In time, these materials are turned into rich humus, teeming with life (or eaten by very grateful wintering birds). This fertile soil is then transferred to student-tended gardens where food and flowers are grown for the nourishment of self (such as the bumper crop of butternut squash Violet Pre-K Class grew this summer and have been enjoying weekly on Soup Day) and native pollinators (Monarchs are always grateful for their abundant source of milkweed) alike.

This simple habit connects the children’s daily lives to environmental care and demonstrates how used materials can turn into valuable resources. What a delight to share all the good that can come from “garbage”.

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