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Program Spotlight: The Waldorf School of Baltimore



With the belief that a part of whole-child education should include assisting students to develop and nurture a healthy relationship with the environment, the Waldorf School of Baltimore has maintained a strong focus on immersing children in the outdoors.

Firmly planted in Baltimore City, the campus offers an eco-friendly oasis complete with nature trails, outdoor learning spaces and a certified wildlife habitat. Lower school students are encouraged to take a deep dive into the outdoors through the nature studies program. In the middle school, students expand their understanding of sustainability and ecoliteracy, with the goal of empowering students with the knowledge, confidence, and ethical foundation to meet the challenges they will face in modern society with depth, imagination, and purpose.

School Spirit: Waldorf School of Baltimore



HESHY, a fourth grader at the Waldorf School, is always willing to lend a helping hand around campus. He especially enjoys caring for the community chickens and exploring the outdoors surrounding his school.

Which two adjectives best describe your school?

Fun and exciting. Waldorf is fun because we do a lot of different activities and not just sit behind a desk. There are also a lot of different fun classes and electives like library, woodworking and nature studies. It’s exciting to have festivals and special events both in class and together with the whole school.

What is the greatest lesson from your school you will take away with you?

Always try and put in your best effort.

The First Week of School in the Children’s Garden at Waldorf School of Baltimore

Curiosity is piqued in garden spaces, especially when caterpillars are crawling around.

When the global pandemic caused schools to abruptly shift to distance learning in the spring, administrators at the Waldorf School of Baltimore began making adjustments for the fall. Last week, they kicked off the school year in a different kind of way.

Students in first through eighth grades began the year with distance learning and a plan to explore subject classes in groups, back on campus, over the coming weeks. Last week, the school welcomed their youngest students  – preschool, pre-K and Kindergarten –  back to a campus outfitted with improved outdoor learning spaces.

“Our curriculum calls for lots of time outdoors even when we are not in the midst of a global pandemic,” said Lindsay Machak, Director of Outreach and Communications, “so we just expanded on what we were already doing.”

Take a look at their first week of school in the Children’s Garden.

Digital Divide: Keeping Balance in Distance Learning


Waldorf School’s teaching staff is using creative solutions to keep a balance between screen time and other educational activities based on developmental capacities.

On any regular school day a guest could walk into the Waldorf School of Baltimore and find children engaged in activities from reading to playing string instruments to exploring the great outdoors.

What guests won’t see are children glued to screens – in fact, a guest would be hard-pressed to find a screen at all. The school embraces slow technology and is screen-free during the school day on the Pre-K through eighth grade campus. As the school transitioned to distance learning, continuing to be conscious of developmental needs is a continued, top priority for the school during this time, said Executive Director Pat Whitehead.

“Slow technology is the idea that children are introduced to electronic media as useful tools in the right way at the right time,” she said. “Our intention is to ensure a gentle introduction that avoids an unhealthy amount of electronic exposure. We are dedicated to continuing that throughout this time.”