With the belief that a part of whole-child education should include assisting students to develop and nurture a healthy relationship with the environment, the Waldorf School of Baltimore has maintained a strong focus on immersing children in the outdoors.

Firmly planted in Baltimore City, the campus offers an eco-friendly oasis complete with nature trails, outdoor learning spaces and a certified wildlife habitat. Lower school students are encouraged to take a deep dive into the outdoors through the nature studies program. In the middle school, students expand their understanding of sustainability and ecoliteracy, with the goal of empowering students with the knowledge, confidence, and ethical foundation to meet the challenges they will face in modern society with depth, imagination, and purpose.

“We’ve been an official Maryland Green School since 2010,” said Outreach and Marketing Director Lindsay Machak. “And each year we are discovering additional ways to inspire our students through nature while helping them recognize their social responsibility to the larger community.”

The Waldorf School of Baltimore strives to use both indoor and outdoor spaces to transform education into an art that educates the whole child through their head, heart and hands.

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