In a city rich with independent schools, the Waldorf School of Baltimore distinguishes itself in more ways than one. Take for example, their seasonal festivals – non-sectarian celebrations which hold special import in their school year.

As autumn rolls along and we near the winter solstice, Waldorf Schools around the world host an evening Lantern Walk to remind children that they are the light in the darkness, the spark in the world. In Baltimore, grades three and below take time to learn seasonal songs, listen to special stories, and to craft beautiful beacons of light; tissue paper covered mason jars made by the youngest students and glorious papier mâché globes, pressed with fallen leaves. At dusk, children and their parents gather to sing songs in community and walk along the woodland trail, lighted by luminaries and guided by their lantern lights, as well as their inner lights, each shining brightly.

The Lantern Walk is always a special and much anticipated occasion, but if you ask the parents, this year’s lantern walk held it all.

Heartwarming moments of hand holding. Joyous shouts of friends discovering one another in the dark. Exclamations of pure wonder as luminaries were lit. Awed appreciation for the sheer beauty of scores of children’s voices singing together in harmony. Reverent reserve of experiencing the candle-lit woodlands at night.

Together, as an Early Childhood Community, Waldorf creates something truly special: an evening of beauty, wonder, and meaning, the memories of which are sure to stay with students for a very long time to come.

The Waldorf School of Baltimore is located on the northern edge of Baltimore City in the Coldspring/Newton community. To learn more about Waldorf’s joyful approach to education and their seasonal festivals visit

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