There’s Just No Pleasing Some Charles Village Residents

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Charles Village residents endure continuing construction

Man, people complain when half a city block and several cars fall onto railroad tracks, and they complain when you try to fix it.

Construction to repair the collapse of East 26th Street in Charles Village continues six months on, and some people have had enough. The Baltimore Sun spoke with Charles Village residents who say construction — going six days a week and beginning as early as 3 a.m. — is keeping them from getting a full night’s sleep.

The city has attempted to mollify the de facto insomniacs by promising that most of the project will be done by the end of the year. Which is a more positive way of saying that there will still be work to do two months from now.

But here’s a silver lining. Folks “should be able to park their cars there through the holidays, have their families visit through the holidays.” Cha-ching! I mean, there won’t be any sidewalks, and the street will only be half-repaved, but that’s something!

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