There’s One Thing Martin O’Malley and Chris Christie Agree On (Besides Bruce Springsteen)

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Martin O’Malley and Chris Christie

Besides their mutual adoration of Bruce Springsteen, there isn’t much that Maryland’s Martin O’Malley and New Jersey’s Chris Christie agree on. They’re mainstream politics’ yin and yang. So what issue unites these two starkly different partisans? Drones. You know, those less-than-accurate unmanned aerial vehicles that rain death on distant, and sometimes innocent, targets? Well, both O’Malley and Christie would love to see a test-site for them in the general area, so they’ve teamed up with Virginia’s governor to push the FAA to establish one.

Now these things may be represent the most Terminator-like technology we’ve ever seen — but these governors and the Mid-Atlantic Unmanned Aerial Systems Coalition is thinking they might be good for the regional economy.

While it’s nice to see political foes come together on an issue, I’d really rather it were building houses for the poor or cancer research or lobbying Facebook to keep sponsored stories out of our newsfeeds, or just about anything other than remote-control war.

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