See that psychedelic rainbow swirl? That’s Maryland’s proposed Congressional redistricting plan. Democrats currently lead Republicans in the state’s share of the House of Representatives 6 – 2. But the situation is just a little too close for comfort for the majority party. (“What if those two Republicans talk to each other? What if they talk about us?”) So just to be on the safe side, they’re trying to convert it to a 7 – 1 lead.

All states have to redraw their congressional districts to reflect populations changes recorded in the 2010 census. Maryland Democrats thought it could be a good opportunity to increase their (apparently delicate) peace of mind.

The official website for the redistricting plan emphasizes that the new map “keeps more than seventy percent of Marylanders in their current Congressional districts,” but seventy percent is deceptively low. Thirty percent is quite a chunk of the population to fool around with.

While we wait to see how this plays out, feel free to vibe out on the groovy colors.