This Chinese Tycoon with the World’s Greatest Business Card Should Buy the Baltimore Sun

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Last week it was reported that Chinese millionaire Chen Guangbiao was pursuing a $1 billion stake in the New York Times. That is apparently no longer the case, which means it’s the perfect time to sell this guy on the Baltimore Sun. Here’s his business card:


If you ask me this “China Earthquake Rescue Hero” who is both the “Most Well-known and Beloved Chinese Role Model” and the “Most Charismatic Philanthropist of China” would fit right in among Baltimore’s eccentric local personalities.

In fact, he should move here. I’d love to help him garner a few more achievements for his wallet-sized resume — which, no offense, looks a little bloated. Maybe he could add “Chesapeake Bay Oyster and Blue Crab Rescue Hero” or “On John Waters’s Christmas Card List” or “Baltimore Top Ten Most Honorable Purple Friday Participant.”


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