“This Guy Better Get Lawyered Up”: Baltimore County Politics Got Exciting for a Moment There

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The Baltimore County Council member who introduced a bill that would ban protesting within 300 feet of schools has withdrawn it. It was probably the instant firestorm from the American Civil Liberties Union, the county teachers union, and the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform that gave Councilman Todd Huff second thoughts. So yeah, for the moment it’s a non-issue, as Huff “sit[s] down with the teachers’ union” and figures out a solution to the problem of “side distractions” caused by protests. 

But for a second there, the rhetoric got intense. The executive director of the Center for Bio-Ethical reform (which has staged several anti-abortion protests outside of Baltimore County schools) said of Huff, “This guy better get lawyered up.” Of all the phrases you hear constantly in movies and never in real life, it’s one of my favorites.

Now, I agree that a ban on protesting within 300 feet of schools is an imprudent infringement on freedom of speech. But part of me wishes Huff responded with a breathy “Lets dance!” before flinging his glass of whiskey against a wall.


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