Photo by Shawn Levin via New York Times

If you’ve already cruised by Hampden’s 34th Street and taken your own tacky lights tour all around town, you may think that you’ve seen all the tinsel-and-snowflake wackiness there is to see in Baltimore. Think again.

The American Visionary Art Museum‘s current exhibit includes Palm Springs artist Kenny Irwin Jr.‘s “Have Yourself a Happy Little Robotomas,” which pretty much looks like a Vegas casino crossed with Candyland crossed with a really trippy mall Santa display. In a good way. Irwin describes his robot creations, which are normally displayed in his front yard, as ““instantaneously generated creations that go through my mind. I know exactly what they look like, and I make them.”

In the case of the AVAM display, “The tree itself is beautifully decorated with LED lights, fused with glue,” Irwin (who has been a devout Muslim for more than two decades) told the New York Times. “There is a giant parasitic sea slug on there.” Sounds like the perfect new holiday tradition to me!

For more images of Irwin’s work, check out this Times slideshow of his robotified Palm Springs yard, aptly entitled “Grey Gardens with Robot Reindeer.”