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Maryland Woman Has 277 Indoor Christmas Trees Because Why Not?

Photo via Fox 5

Okay, I know I said that the Robotomas exhibit over at AVAM was Baltimore’s truly wackiest holiday display— and I stand by that. But this Anne Arundel woman is sure giving that tackiness a run for its money: she has 277 Christmas trees inside her house. And it’s not even a huge house, which means there are 28 trees in her bathroom (including one in her shower).

This Is Truly Baltimore’s Wackiest Holiday Display

Photo by Shawn Levin via New York Times

If you’ve already cruised by Hampden’s 34th Street and taken your own tacky lights tour all around town, you may think that you’ve seen all the tinsel-and-snowflake wackiness there is to see in Baltimore. Think again.

The American Visionary Art Museum‘s current exhibit includes Palm Springs artist Kenny Irwin Jr.‘s “Have Yourself a Happy Little Robotomas,” which pretty much looks like a Vegas casino crossed with Candyland crossed with a really trippy mall Santa display. In a good way. Irwin describes his robot creations, which are normally displayed in his front yard, as ““instantaneously generated creations that go through my mind. I know exactly what they look like, and I make them.”

Frank Zappa Looks a Little Bit More Festive This Month

Photo via Fox Baltimore
Photo via Fox Baltimore

I’m not sure how rosy Frank Zappa’s cheeks were when he was alive, but I’ve got to say he makes a pretty good Santa, judging from the photo above.

Hampden’s 34th Street is the Best Holiday Display in the US



Well, at least according to some European design website we hadn’t heard about until this morning. Who cares, we’ll take it!

Gaze at the Same Wreaths as the Obamas with White House Wreaths from Dutch Floral Garden


No, you’re not having déjà vu. Yes, we were just raving about Dutch Floral Garden’s fabulous, unique arrangements a week or two ago. But that was pre-Thanksgiving, and this is the official all-out-holiday season. Dutch Floral Garden still has all the gorgeous, seasonal floral bouquets we spoke of before. But—this just in!—Dutch Floral Garden is offering exquisite holiday wreaths this season, and they are on special until December 15th.

But how does one choose a good wreath? Well, Dutch Floral Garden makes it easy. Their supplier for this year’s wreaths is the same one that the White House uses. Classy enough for you? We certainly hope so. The wreaths come in three different varieties—blue juniper, cedar and juniper, and mixed greens with pine cones and faux berries. See why we had to give them a mention?

Dutch Floral Garden is located in Belvedere Square at 515 East Belvedere Ave in Baltimore. For more information, visit www.dutchfloralgarden.com.