This Baltimore Seventh Grader is National Chess Champ

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via Alec Ross/Twitter

Baltimore has a newly crowned champion. At the U.S. Chess Federation’s national championship recently, Cahree Myrick emerged as the King.

According to CBS Baltimore, the Roland Park Elementary-Middle School student has been playing since first grade. Now a seventh grader, he’s a member of the school’s team. For those who doubt their student-athlete status, it’s worth noting that the team practices four days a week. Myrick beat out hundreds of other competitors for the championship, and got a huge trophy for his efforts.

As the picture made its way around the web last week, it was Myrick’s outfit¬†that got the attention of ESPN’s The Undefeated. Clinton Yates noted the growth of chess in the black community, and pointed out how Myrick dressed just like he did when he was in middle school.

“My man Cahree rolled up in some slides, banged a couple of checkmates and walked away with a trophy,” Yates wrote.

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