Better late than never, we always say – which is why we’re alerting you to this year’s Buy Local Challenge a few days late. Sorry! But whether you start on July 23 or July 26, the premise – and the principle – is still the same:  by committing to buy stuff from local farms, you help the local economy (yay, independent farmers!); the environment (yay, food that doesn’t arrive by airplane!); and your own body (yay, fresher foods with more nutrients!).

So, whether you sign the website’s pledge to eat one locally grown or harvested food each day this week, or whether you’re just on the lookout for info on local farms and helpful seasonal recipes, the Buy Local Challenge is a helpful resource. And since the BLC is set for the last full week in July each year, we can go ahead and set our calendars for next year so that we don’t miss a moment of it.