If you’re trying to get pregnant, this news should cheer you up (or at least make you giggle): A pair of fertility statues famous for mysteriously helping people get pregnant will be making an appearance in Baltimore this summer. Me, I’ll be staying far away.

The fertility statues are a pair of hand-carved wooden figurines from Côte d’Ivoire, and they’ll be on display at Ripley’s Baltimore Odditorium. According to company lore, Ripley’s acquired the statues in 1993 and put them on display at company headquarters in Orlando; within a year, 13 women who had come into contact with the statues were pregnant. Once the company began promoting the statues as a fertility charm, pregnancy-seekers flocked to touch them. Within two years, 150 women claimed the statues helped them get pregnant.

The statues will be on display in the museum’s lobby starting June 19. There’s no charge to touch the statues–but beware, having a baby is quite pricey.