The only thing better than a holiday is a new holiday, so let’s all take a moment and bask in the glow of Food Day. Yes, Food Day is a holiday, and it’s a holiday about food, and it’s happening today (Monday, October 24, that is). And in its honor, let’s all eat food, appreciate farmers, eat more food, and stay home from work (so we can eat more food).

Okay, so it’s not a national holiday (yet), so you probably still have to show up for work. Still, it’s a good cause, and there’s plenty of celebration going on all over Baltimore (and across the U.S.). A few ways to celebrate around town:

  • Johns Hopkins is hosting a 100-mile meal, meaning that everything you’ll be served will be seriously local. (Note that while this IS a Food Day event, it’s not actually happening on Food Day. It’s on Saturday, Oct. 29 at 5 PM — but make sure to register ASAP. More details here). Along with a $5 dinner (!), you’ll get to hear some of the most excited and engaged local minds discuss food and sustainability issues in a panel on “Real Food:  From Cafeterias to Communities.”
  • The Vegetarian Resource Group hosts a Food Day dinner at beloved local favorite Mr. Chan’s. Registration required, $20.
  • John Eager Howard’s Food Day Celebration:  “The event will include a mock farmers market to raise awareness of Maryland produce with produce sampling, a pumpkin museum/contest, face painting, harvest hat decorating, a physical activity, and gardening activities.” Intriguing.

But if you’re not up for an event, you can still celebrate. Spokesman Michael Jacobson suggests that you “celebrate Food Day with an especially healthy and delicious meal they serve at home…and have some of the conversation be about the food issues that concerns them.” Sounds like a reason to celebrate.