Last year on June 1, an irreverent Facebook group launched the lighthearted, annual Punch a Hipster Day! Today is the first day of June, a year later, so we’re assuming it’s Punch-a-Hipster time again. Please write in and let us know if, when, and how you plan to acknowledge the ironic occasion.

If you’re a hipster, will you admit it? And do you plan to take cover? If you’re a non-hipster, in your view, but plan to nod to the holiday, have you asked yourself this question, “Isn’t Punch a Hipster Day kind of, well, hip, in its convention-shunning way?”

Fair warning: Impose Magazine online offered 10 reasons you might well get clocked (on an imaginary level) today, in case you’re concerned. Among them, “You’re done with the word hipster.”