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Baltimore is One of America’s “Most Hipster Cities”

Photo via Thrillist
Photo via TheUnartist (Flickr)

You may remember Thrillist from that extremely irritating “10 Reasons DC is So Much Better Than Baltimore” list. (Our rebuttal is here.) Now, a year after the fact, the website seems to have come around to Baltimore’s charms; according to Thrillist, Baltimore is one of “America’s Most Hipster Cities.”

Ultimate Hipster Pad In Hampden


HOT HOUSE: 3720 Hickory Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21211

Stone and brick former warehouse building, circa 1900, 3,800 sq. ft., renovated, with open floor plan and second floor loft.  Three bedrooms, two and a half baths, parking pad: $424,900

Will You Punch a Hipster Today, Baltimore?


Last year on June 1, an irreverent Facebook group launched the lighthearted, annual Punch a Hipster Day! Today is the first day of June, a year later, so we’re assuming it’s Punch-a-Hipster time again. Please write in and let us know if, when, and how you plan to acknowledge the ironic occasion.

If you’re a hipster, will you admit it? And do you plan to take cover? If you’re a non-hipster, in your view, but plan to nod to the holiday, have you asked yourself this question, “Isn’t Punch a Hipster Day kind of, well, hip, in its convention-shunning way?”

Fair warning: Impose Magazine online offered 10 reasons you might well get clocked (on an imaginary level) today, in case you’re concerned. Among them, “You’re done with the word hipster.”

A Far East Hippie with American Style


Ken Wong, 27

What is your personal style? 

I am a hippie from the Far East!  When I was 10, my mother moved to Baltimore where I learned to speak English. I would speak Mandarin and Cantonese with my mother (still do).  As I grew up, I would visit family in Hong Kong and dressed in vintage Americana clothes from thrift stores when I traveled.

What are your tattoos?

They are the story of my life.

Like for example?

Here I have a tough guy tribal tattoo that was put on when I was competing in martial arts. I was 17 and it gave me strength.

And your hair?

It is a dredded Mohawk. It’s stylish and out there, but comfortable. I am a hairstylist so I don’t want to have to deal with my hair every day. Plus it’s cool.

Do you ever dress up?

For weddings and funerals.

What are you doing for the weekend?

I’m doing yoga tomorrow and going to listen to electronic music Saturday night. I’m crashing a Baltimore cookout on the fourth!