Baltimore is One of America’s “Most Hipster Cities”

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Photo via Thrillist
Photo via TheUnartist (Flickr)

You may remember Thrillist from that extremely irritating “10 Reasons DC is So Much Better Than Baltimore” list. (Our rebuttal is here.) Now, a year after the fact, the website seems to have come around to Baltimore’s charms; according to Thrillist, Baltimore is one of “America’s Most Hipster Cities.”

Just about a year ago, Forbes named Hampden one of the “hippest hipster neighborhoods” in the nation for its mix of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and rowhouses. Thrillist is a bit more discerning in its praise; it likes the neighborhood for its “wild mix of art freaks, misfits, and young, Rayban-donning couples toting their infants in those hip, carry-on-your-chest baby bjorns.” There are a whole lot of hipster cliches in there, to be sure — and none of the coolest people I know in Baltimore happen to live in Hampden.

The other hipster cities on Thrillist’s list are, in reverse order of hip-itude, Louisville; Venice Beach; Savannah; Boulder; Oakland; Asheville; Austin; Eugene; and Seattle.

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  1. Then where do “the coolest people you know” live? What are some of your favorite neighborhoods and why?

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