Today: Locust Point; Tomorrow: the World.

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It would be more accurate (though less snappy) to say “February 14: Locust Point; over the next few years: Pennsylvania, Long Island, North Carolina, and Florida.” On Valentine’s Day, Maryland sports bar-restaurant franchise The Greene Turtle is opening up a massive new location on McHenry Row in Locust Point.

It’s part of an ambitious plan to expand the franchise in “concentric circles,” extending its reach outward, bit by bit, from its Marlyand-Virginia-Delaware-Washington stronghold. The optimistic company expects to open twenty-five new locations in 2012, and as many as 150 in the near future, stretching along the eastern seaboard.

But first things first. What does this new location mean for Locust Pointers? Well, for one, it’s a new place to grab almost pornographic cheeseburgers (whose lurid images repeatedly bombard you when you visit the website). And as The Greene Turtle’s website boasts, there are “TVs everywhere,” including flat screens at every booth, so if you’re like me (your attention floats like a moth toward the bright screen), you’re guaranteed not to be able to carry on a conversation. So I won’t be taking my valentine there. Of course, there have to be plenty of people for whom nothing would be more romantic than an artery-clogging burger, twenty beers on tap, and a blitzkrieg of television screens.

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